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The power of music has been known — yet not fully understood — to humans in all times and in all cultures. Music is a means of expression, music connects emotions — hope, regret, love — and our stories. As a form of communication, music connects us with other human beings, our inner spirits, and our history in a way that words alone cannot. Music is the human language that bridges cultures, genders, and generations.

The power of music grows as we age. To the elderly, music can be a vehicle of reminiscence, such as when an old song brings back the vivid memory of an experience in the distant past — a memory resplendent with not only the story, but the senses and the mood. Our memories are imprinted with music. Music helps us all to define our lives; songs symbolize an era of our life, bring us together in community, and for some become a form of prayer. As one elder said, “Music is emotion from another time. It shapes our personal landscape.”

It has been said that “music is the universal language.” In order to learn the “language,” one must use imagination and creativity. The aforementioned are suggestions and ideas which may be tailored to fit individual situations.




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